Every state has their own website and format to report sales tax.

For example, for California, to copy & paste the whole list of taxable amounts into the correct rows that match the state’s worksheet, you’ll need to format your report or combined reports to match their list of districts and taxable amounts.  To do this:

  1. Have your combined sales tax report ready in the Combine Reports Tool
  2. If you haven’t already, make your state tax districts Template CSV
    – To make a Template CSV with your state’s tax districts see this guide: How to Make a Template CSV to Format Your Sales Tax Reports
  3. Add your state districts Template CSV to the combine tool page
    – You can drag and drop into the page, or browse and select the file
    – It will add it to the list of files with the label “(TEMPLATE)” added
    – it will output another version of the combined table at the bottom of the page that matches this template.
  4. Download the Template-Formatted version as CSV at the bottom of the page

Now that you have a CSV with your Sales Tax reporting numbers in the correct order that matches your state’s reporting worksheet,
You can open this CSV with any spreadsheet editor to copy & paste the amounts column into your state worksheet all at once.