If you have multiple websites with sales tax reports, you can combine them all into 1 condensed state sales tax report with our combine tool.

The combined report can then be used to report sales tax for all of the sites together at once under one business’ sales tax quarterly or annual reporting.

How to Combine Sales Tax Reports

Our combiner tool page will combine multiple sales tax report CSVs into one report.

  1. Go to our free Report Combiner Tool page
  2. Drag and drop the CSV reports that you’ve exported using our plugin from each website. (WooCommerce > Reports > Sales by State on each website)
  3. Export the combined report as CSV

Need to format the combined report for a state sales tax reporting worksheet?  

If you want to copy / paste your entire list of districts into your state’s list, the order will need to match. Don’t worry, you can add one more file as a template and do this on the same page once you’ve added all of your sales tax reports.

See Here:  Auto-Format Your Reports to Match Your State Reporting Worksheet