Sales Tax Reports Combiner Tool (Free)

Use this to merge multiple sales tax reports into 1, tallying the amounts for each district.
This is very helpful if you have multiple websites each with their own sales tax report that need to be combined into 1. 
This tool can also insert the combined amounts into a template format to match state reporting worksheets.

Drag and Drop your CSVs here.

Or click the button to browse your computer for a CSV file.

You can add:

  • Sales Tax Report CSVs
  • [optional] a template CSV (like a State Workbook District List)

How to Use

  1. Load CSV files into this page
    • Drag and drop files or click the button to browse & select them.
    • You can select multiple files at once.
    • Use CSVs that were exported using our plugin
  2. View the results on page.
    • Click any CSV from the list of files added to view its contents.
    • View the total tally of combined districts & taxes at the bottom.
  3. [Optional] Add a template CSV to also generate a table with tax amounts inserted into the template format.
  4. Download any of the combined tables to CSV.

*Privacy Note:

Your files are not uploaded to our servers. They are loaded and processed only here in this page in your browser. Your data stays private to you.

If your refresh or close the page your data is discarded.  Use the Export to CSV buttons to save any tables.