How to Make a Template CSV and Formats Your Sales Tax Reports to Match Your State Worksheet:

1. Get the Format from Your State Worksheet as CSV

  1. Download the spreadsheet or worksheet from your State Sales Tax reporting website.
    – You may need to start a report to get this link from the screen where you enter your sales tax amounts.
  2. Open & Copy the Main Columns into a New CSV
    – Open the state worksheet and copy all the cells from the first column thru the columns for amount, county, and city, names.
    – Paste the columns into a new blank spreadsheet
    – Column header labels as row 1 should contain Amount, County, and City
    – All counties and cities should be listed, and amount should be empty
    – You can use Google Sheets, or any spreadsheet program
  3. Save it as the template CSV.  This Template has the order of districts that matches your state reporting list.

2. Use the Template CSV to Format Your Sales Report

  1. Drag and Drop your downloaded Template CSV into the Combiner tool where your report is
    – It will format it by inserting all values from the combined reports into the matching counties / cities rows
    – It will output the resulting combined report table that matches the template at the bottom of the page
  2. Export/Download this template-formatted as a CSV

3. To Insert Into Your State Worksheet

  1. Open the template-formatted CSV downloaded in the previous step
    – Visually verify that the order of counties / cities matches your state’s reporting worksheet
  2. Copy / paste the entire column of amounts into your state’s worksheet all at once
    – Avoid copy and pasting over the state’s column headers / labels, just copy the numbers if possible.
  3. Complete your state’s worksheet with any other required fields
  4. Save it
  5. Upload it to your state’s reporting page as needed

Once you upload it into the state reporting website, verify the total amount and the counties look like they have the right numbers.

Please Note:  This process was designed to meet the needs of the California Sales Tax reporting process but can be used as  a tool for any state’s sales tax reporting that has a similar process.

Support: If you have any questions or formatting issues for your state, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help or update our tools.
Provide a copy of the blank worksheet from your specific state if applicable so we can test it.