How to Use

Get WooCommerce Sales Tax Reports

  1. Install & Activate the Sales Tax Reports for WooCommerce plugin from the WordPress Plugin Marketplace.
  2. Go to WooCommerce > Reports in your WordPress Admin panel.
  3. There you will now find new reports titled “Sales by State” where you can run and view your reports. Click it.
  4. Set the date range and state selection to show a report for any date, and any state.
  5. Export the data to CSV for further use with other sales tax reporting

Combine Multiple Reports

  1. Export CSV for each sales tax report
  2. Use our Report Combiner tool and drag / drop each report into the combiner
  3. It will combine the data into a report with each district sales tax summed

Format & Insert Sales Tax Numbers into Your State’s Sales Tax Worksheet

  1. Open the Report Combiner Tool with all necessary sales tax reports added/combined
  2. Add a CSV of your reporting state’s Worksheet as a CSV Template of all districts into the page
    – It will insert the combined data into the template matching districts by columns of County and City
  3. Save/Download as CSV
  4. Open the CSV on your computer
  5. Copy the column of the amounts & Paste the column into your state worksheet
  6. Visually verify that the city /county names are matching the worksheet order & save it
    – Look at a few amounts in the combiner / formatter tool and look in the worksheet to see the same amounts lining up with the correct city/county
  7. Upload your updated state worksheet into your state’s sales tax reporting website as needed *if supported
  8. Verify visually that the districts and amounts were recognized and inserted OK in your state reporting website